The Rent is Too Damn High-The Increasing Costs of Affordable Housing


Many parts of the DMV area were developed quickly and inexpensively during the 1950s post-war boom to provide a wide range of affordable housing choices. Since then, the concept, form, and financing of affordable housing has changed dramatically. While affordable housing still provides opportunities for young people to start their lives near economic centers, for working families to grow, and for seniors to stay in walkable urban neighborhoods, the cost and complexity of new buildings have also risen - generally in a sensible effort to create more sustainable and efficient living environments.

This presentation touches on how changing regulations, funding mechanisms, building design, sustainability, and construction methods have been driving up the overall hard and soft costs of affordable housing projects. This course weighs the value from many of these benefits and presents ideas from stakeholders experienced in these distinct phases for how these costs may be controlled in the future.

Providing affordable housing is critical to growing diverse and successful mixed-use cities - no more so than in the DC area. With more competition for limited funding streams, rising construction costs, and increased pressure to make better and greener buildings, it is imperative that the industry look for smarter and more efficient ways to provide affordable housing.

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