Designing for Growth in DC: Public and Private Perspectives on Green Regulations


DC has been experiencing a period of sustained population growth for the past decade. As approximately 1,000 new residents enter the city each month, demand for multifamily housing has skyrocketed. While the economic impact of this growth is well documented, the impact on aging city infrastructure is harder to quantify. Each new building in DC has the potential to add stress to services we rely on, from our sewers to our electrical grid to our transportation infrastructure. Fortunately, green design features such as energy efficient lighting and HVAC systems, green roofs, stormwater mitigation strategies, and transit oriented development can help to reduce the impact of new construction on these stressed systems. With that in mind, DC officials have plans in place to make our infrastructure more resilient through green building and design. Learn how city officials have utilized green building standards and regulations to limit the potential adverse effects of a population boom on essential public services, and how architects can utilize green design to help DC achieve its ambitious sustainability and resiliency goals.

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