Integrating Resilience into DC's Comprehensive Plan


In 2016, the DC Office of Planning (OP) launched the second amendment cycle of the District’s Comprehensive Plan, the city’s legislatively-adopted 20-year framework that guides future growth and development. Originally adopted in 2006 and first amended in 2011, the Comprehensive Plan addresses a wide range of topics that affect how the city is experienced, including land use, urban design, housing, environmental protection, and transportation, and provides land use guidance for neighborhoods. During this amendment cycle, OP is integrating resilience into DC’s Comprehensive Plan for the first time by creating a dedicated Resilience chapter with policies and actions to help the District be more resilient against natural and man-made hazards, climate change, and chronic stresses affecting the vibrancy and livability of the city. Very few cities have integrated resilience and comprehensive land use planning to date, and this effort also is supporting Washington, DC’s 100 Resilient Cities initiative. Join Tanya Stern from the DC Office of Planning and key agency partners to learn more about this effort to make resilience a new framework within the District’s Comprehensive Plan.

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