Dollars of Divorce: Avoid Financial Pitfalls


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Why the financial aspects of divorce have suddenly become more complicated. What you can do to avoid critical tax traps and related ultimate consequences to your client.

Gain the negotiating advantage with simple dynamic illustrations of long-term outcomes of proposed settlements. Show how it works or doesn't work and why.

Insight into the Divorce Financial Planning analytical process: factors considered, tax issues specific to divorce, potential financial hazards and pitfalls, how to build cases for more equitable settlements.

Define what is clearly, but sometimes not obviously, at stake, financially, for your divorcing clients. Simple and complex financial issues identified and how an analysis, using established financial methodologies, can strengthen your case.

Case study, with illustrations. How to know and show if a seemingly equitable settlement will remain equitable years from now or if there are hidden consequences that can lead to the financial ruin of your client.

When to retain a Divorce Financial Planner, how to manage the relationship, benefits for the attorney as well as the client. How to increase your referrals and accelerate your practice by using standardized financial analysis as a tool, either in-house or outsourced.

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