Dollars of Divorce: 2017 Tax Reform


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Review of Federal tax reform issues as they relate to divorce settlements. Immediate effectiveness of most changes leaves no time to acclimate to what has changed, effective dates, if the change is permanent or temporary and for how long, and what has not changed. This is the most extensive tax overhaul in more than thirty years. Primary focus will be on new tax brackets and rates, taxation of alimony, allowed/disallowed deductions, new importance of filing status and standard deductions, no personal exemptions for children, child tax credit changes, expanded uses of funds in 529 plans, changes in mortgage interest deduction.


  1. What has changed in Federal taxation that relates directly to divorce settlement issues.
  2. How to apply IRS changes and transition “old thinking” to “new thinking.”
  3. What has not changed and remains the same.
  4. How to explain tax changes to clients and manage new expectations.

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