Dollars of Divorce: Retirement Issues


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Divorce will inevitably impact your client’s prospective financial security during retirement. The recent exponential rise in divorce rates among persons over age 50, or “gray divorce” makes the financial retirement issues of divorce more critical. Older persons simply have fewer post-divorce years for financial recovery.

This course reviews the various types of retirement saving vehicles, tax issues associated with each, special conditions under which retirement funds may, or may not be transferred, pension values and myths, limitations of pre-divorce retirement decisions made.

Also included is an overview of Social Security, particularly the new rules for claiming benefits, especially ex-spousal benefits, which have been dramatically changed by the Bipartisan Budget Act signed November 2, 2015. These Social Security changes became effective immediately, yet grandfathering on several issues will extend transitioning, and confusion, for up to eight years.

Find out what the changes are, how they impact your clients, and how you may need to advise them differently. Learn what you need to be doing differently for clients subject to conditions of the transition period, and for those subject to new rules.

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