1. I need technical assistance, who do I contact?

For all technical issues or questions, please email support@beaconlive.com

2. How do I earn my certification for watching the video?

At the end of each video you will be presented with a link. Click this link to proceed through the certification process and you will automatically receive your certificate in your email.

3. I tried watching the video, but it was too long and timed out, what happened?

If you need to continue viewing at a later time please remember to logout using the 'Logout' link in the top right corner of your screen, the system will remember where you left off and continue from there the next time you login. Please do not pause the video or leave the certification link up and leave without logging out as your session may expire and your place will not be remembered when you return.

4. How long after an event runs until I'm able to watch the on demand video?

Live webcasts may take up to seven business days before they appear available for on demand viewing. You will receive notification when this is complete and available.

5. How can I get a refund?

All purchase cancellations must be in writing and requests for refunds must be received no later than one week after registering for the program. No refund will be given for requests made past this time frame or for those programs for which the attendee has already obtained CEs.

6. Can I purchase a viewing extension?

After your initial viewing has expired, you can request a viewing extension at a rate of $40 per month by clicking the Viewing Extension link at the top of the catalog, or clicking here. Please note, it may take a few days to process this extension order.