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EMDR Advanced Training and Distance Learning, LLC provides high quality trainings and book learning programs on established and emerging psychotherapy topics and intervention strategies. In partnership with Beacon360, we offer livestreamed and prerecorded video-based trainings. Please review our selection below, as well as other offerings in the tab to the left.

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After many early cautions about the potential dangers of using EMDR with individuals suffering from dissociative disorders, limited methods have been offered for adapting standard EMDR procedures to this specific population.


Global Summit Conference - EMDR Early Intervention and Crisis Response: Current Practices, Research Findings, Global Needs and Future Directions
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All over the world, traumatizing events and conditions (war, domestic terrorism, criminal violence, natural disasters, poverty, diseases, accidents and more) are extensive and ongoing. Massive unmet needs for trauma relief exist. EMDR-based Early Intervention (EMDR-EI) protocols allow much larger numbers of traumatized people to receive effective services. Therefore EMDR-EI offers an exciting opportunity to meet these needs, both among well-resourced and disadvantaged populations.


EMDR Therapy for Borderline Personality Disorder, Dissociation and Complex Trauma (2 Day) presented by Dolores Mosquera, M.S. and Colin A. Ross, M.D.
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This purchase includes Day 2 (featuring Dolores Mosquera) of this Two-Day Training. The two day training is described below. Please view Day 1 before viewing this Day 2 video.