Dissociation in Children & Adolescents Dissociation in Children & Adolescents - Frances S. Waters, LMSW, DCSW, LMFT


The training will focus on recognizing disassociation in children and adolescents in a variety of settings and stabilization strategies to effectively manage them.

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CE Credit:

No CE credit for this webcast. CE credit offered for "Healing the Fractured Child" only (for mental health therapists only).

Participant Eligibility Criteria:

Mental Health Therapists, Allied Professionals (Occupational therapists, teachers, DCF workers, speech pathologists, medical personnel) and foster care workers and parents.

Workshop Objectives:

  • To learn about the Star Theoretical Model & how to apply it in assessing and treating childhood dissociation
  • Symptoms/signs of dissociation
  • Learn about treatment principals in effective intervals within a variety of settings
  • Lean stabilization techniques for calming the overactive stress response system and managing dissociative behaviors

Workshop Outline:

  • Star Theoretical Model
  • Treatment Principals
  • Stabilization techniques
  • More stabilization techniques


Frances S. Waters, LMSW, DCSW, LMFT

Frances S. Waters, DCSW, LMSW, LMFT, is an internationally recognized trainer, consultant, and clinician in the area of childhood trauma, abuse, and dissociation, and has presented extensively, including training programs in Europe, Africa, South American, and North America. She has specialized in the field of child abuse for 40 years.

Waters is the past President of The International Society for the Study of Trauma & Dissociation (ISSTD) and has served on many committees with ISSD, including currently co-chair of ISSTD’s Child & Adolescent Committee, and Faculty Director of the Child Adolescent Psychotherapy Training Programs. She also serves on Editorial Board of the Journal of Child & Adolescent Trauma, contributing guest editor for the Journal of Trauma and Dissociation, and on the national Advisory Board of the Leadership Council on Child Abuse and Interpersonal Violence.

Ms. Waters is author of Healing the Fracture Child: Diagnosing and Treating Dissociative Youth (2016) and has published many chapters and articles on childhood trauma and dissociation.

Ms. Waters is the executive producer of two training videos, The Traumatized Child: Understanding and Parenting the Traumatized Child, and Trauma & Dissociation in Children specifically geared toward child forensic evaluators and prosecutors.

Ms. Waters received the 2008 Media Award from American Professional Society on Abuse of Children for her production of Trauma and Dissociation in Children, and ISSTD’s Presidential Award for her faculty directorship of ISSTD’s Psychotherapy Training Course on Child & Adolescent Trauma and Dissociation. She is a fellow of ISSTD. She maintains a private practice in Marquette, MI.


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