EMDR and Autism: A Time Tested Approach


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Since the introduction of the use of EMDR with autism in 2003 by Ms. Paulson, her adapted protocol has been used with individuals across the spectrum and has been shared with EMDR therapists around the world. EMDR has made it possible for individuals with even severe autism and other developmental disabilities to process trauma and to reduce symptoms of PTSD, at the same time often reducing the severity of their autism characteristics. This presentation will include a step-by-step description of how to use EMDR with individuals on the autism spectrum while adhering to the original eight-phase EMDR standard protocol. The preparation phase can also become a stand-alone program called “Connecting With Self,” useful for children with attachment and trauma related issues. A poster presentation at EMDRIA Minneapolis in 2016 demonstrated that the positive effects of this adapted protocol for individuals with autism have lasted for one traumatized individual from childhood through adulthood.


Sherri Paulson
  • M.Ed

Sherri Paulson M.Ed.; LCSW currently practices at Memorial Medical Center Behavioral Health as a child and adolescent therapist primarily with an emphasis on sexual abuse treatment and work with individuals of all ages with autism and other developmental delays.   Ms. Paulson also has 7 years of teaching experience.  She was first trained in EMDR in 1998 and is an Approved Consultant. She has been using EMDR with individuals with autism since 1998.  Her first presentation was a poster presentation in 2003 at EMDRIA Denver.  She introduced the adapted protocol for using EMDR with autism at the EMDRIA conference in 2007.   She also presented the protocol at EMDR Europe-Edinburgh in 2014.  Her recent poster presentation at EMDRIA Minneapolis in 2016 used a case study to demonstrate the effectiveness of using EMDR with autistic individuals, with the benefits lasting over time.    Ms. Paulson consults globally on this subject.

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