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The (Gross) Anatomy of Responding to Peer Review Commentary
  • On-demand

This is the third part of the Academic Career Education Series.

Publishing academic work often involves submitting scholarly manuscripts to peer-reviewed journals. A key component of the publishing process involves receiving commentary about your work from peers in your field, and satisfactorily responding to such commentary.


From Surviving to Thriving: How to Banish the “Imposter Syndrome” and Other Common Insecurities as an Early Career Academic
  • On-demand

This is the second part of the Academic Career Education Series.

Between teaching, research, and service, academics fulfill many roles with seemingly little time to devote to each of them. This can leave new and experienced professors alike feeling they are never quite “good enough”.



The Dreaded Academic Job Talk: Giving a GREAT ONE!
  • On-demand

This is the first part of the Academic Career Education Series.

The academic Job Talk is arguably the single most important component of the academic interview, or “Campus Visit.”  It represents a critical, and public, sample of your program of research and your style of teaching, as well as your critical thinking, responsiveness to feedback and a whole range of non-specific variables, like your “accessibility,” “collegiality,” or “likeability.”