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Internship Consortia - Considerations for Accreditation



Please note that Continuing Education Credit is not offered for viewing this webcast.

This webcast will build upon the information provided in Part I of this webcast series, “Internship Consortia- Considerations for Development (Consortia Series- Part I)” by focusing on the accreditation of internship consortia. The presentation will provide information about consortia-specific accreditation issues, as well as how to approach the self-study for accreditation as an internship consortium. A review of self-study prompts and Implementing Regulations specifically applicable to consortia will be provided. An overview of how site visits are conducted for internship consortia will also be presented. The webcast will include information and recommendations related to how internship consortia can balance the desire to expand the program with the need to maintain program stability. The instructor has gained significant experience in developing, providing consultative support to, and assisting with the accreditation of internship consortia. The webcast will conclude with time to interact with the instructor and to ask specific questions related to your own internship consortium.

This webcast is designed to help you:

1. Describe how to most effectively approach the accreditation process as an internship consortium
2. Explain how the self-study prompts and Implementing Regulations apply to internship consortia
3. Determine how your program can make decisions regarding program expansion while preserving program stability

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