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Internship Consortia - Considerations for Development



Please note that Continuing Education Credit is not offered for viewing this webcast.

This webcast will provide information about the development of internship consortia. An overview of what defines an internship consortium and information about the typical composition of existing consortia will be presented. The benefits and challenges of creating an internship as a consortium will also be reviewed. The majority of the presentation will focus on special considerations regarding the development and operations of consortia programs, including funding strategies, developing Consortial Agreements, intern cohesion issues, curriculum development, training committee function, common pitfalls of consortia programs, and more. Strategies to ensure that your consortium is developed in accordance with the accreditation requirements of the American Psychological Association will be presented, and elaborated upon in Part II of this webcast series, “Internship Consortia- Considerations for Accreditation (Consortia Series- Part II).” The instructor has gained significant experience in developing, providing consultative support to, and assisting with the accreditation of internship consortia. The webcast will conclude with time to interact with the instructor and to ask specific questions related to your own internship consortium.

This webcast is designed to help you:

  1. Describe the definition of and rationale for development of and internship consortium
  2. Identify the specific benefits and challenges of developing and operating an internship consortium
  3. List special considerations involved with developing and operating an internship consortium
  4. Explain specific strategies for ensuring your consortium’s compliance with APA accreditation requirements
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