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Suicidality: Clinical, Ethical and Risk Management Issues


The depth of suffering experienced by patients who seriously consider, attempt, or die by suicide is profound, as are the technical, personal, and ethical challenges clinicians face in the assessment and treatment of such patients. These challenges are also unavoidable for a good portion of psychologists, with almost a quarter losing a patient to suicide during the course of their careers. As a result, a substantial portion of risk management calls to The Trust’s Advocate 800 Program’s consultation service involves suicide, whether threatened or completed.

Further, advances in treatment approaches, and a historical lack of specific training at the graduate level, have prompted an increasing number of jurisdictions to mandate post-graduate training regarding suicidality. This workshop is intended to address clinical, ethical and risk management aspects of working with people who are suicidal, in addition to meeting the training requirements for a number of jurisdictions.* It will review basic risk management approaches, and relevant aspects of assessment, intervention and postvention. Time permitting, the course will also include a review of basic issues in addressing clinician involvement in end-of-life issues.

*This course will not fulfill requirements of all jurisdictions. It is important that potential participants review their respective state licensing board requirements prior to registering for this workshop.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify four major risk factors for those patients who die by suicide;
  • Name two suicide myths;
  • Describe three aspects of assessment and intervention that can foster reduced risk;
  • List three risk management strategies as they relate specifically to working with suicidal patients;
  • Describe two aspects of a clinician’s roles in working with end-of-life issues (time permitting).

Eligibility for Insurance Premium Discounts:

For this workshop, The Trust offers a 5% discount for one year on your professional liability premium upon renewal. Go here for details.

Continuing Education Credits

The Trust Suicidality Workshop: Clinical, Ethical and Risk Management Issues is sponsored by The Trust and The Trust Practice and Risk Management Association (TrustPARMA). The Trust is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. The Trust maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

No refunds will be offered for this live webcast. Grievances about the workshop may be addressed to The Trust at the address and email listed below:

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