Fran-Guard - IFA Franchise Sales Management & Compliance Program - Online On-demand Webcast 2016 - New and Updated!



300 CFE Education Credits

IFA’s Fran-Guard™ program is now available as a web-based video course – on-demand, 24/7!! The course is available, at your convenience, with one click of a mouse!! The Fran-Guard video course includes all the content, speaker presentations, synchronized PowerPoint slides, and downloadable materials. Hundreds of executives have participated in the Fran-Guard seminars over the past 18 months. We wanted to make it easier for you to take advantage of this great educational tool from IFA!!

The Fran-Guard course was created to safeguard your franchise by having your key employees fully trained on the franchise sales management and compliance process. It gives you the tools to manage your compliance program and avoid costly mistakes that can potentially wreck your franchise system. The new video course is presented in 5 modules which can easily be viewed in segments and at your own pace. The course is recognized for 300 CFE Education credits. Upon completion of a quiz at the end of the course, you will receive a certificate of course completion. Introductory price -- $395 (IFA Member), $775 (Non-Member).

IFA’s Fran-Guard program is for senior executives, franchise development professionals, attorneys and compliance managers. The program features both the legal and business aspects of compliance taught by franchise executives and attorneys, with practical tips that can lead to increased franchise sales and stronger franchise relations. Compliance not only reduces risk but it can result in better company profits.

Register today to learn the proactive steps that can protect your franchise system, reduce risks, and improve profitability.

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300 CFE Education Credits
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