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Executive Women Defying Gravity: Using Insights from Trailblazing Leaders to Transform Organizational Culture and Performance..


This session presents the insights from a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist will share insights from her latest book, “Earning It” gleaned from interviews with more than 50 senior female executive leaders successfully navigated the intersection of social identities and gender bias to contribute high impact in the organizations they led.  Participants will learn how to coach both men and women leaders to understand the realities of power, privilege and marginalization that operate in organizational cultures and to use that knowledge to minimize systemic barriers to equal opportunity and contribution.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe 3 ways in which gender bias directly and insidiously constrains opportunities for women to advance and contribute in organizations.
  2. List three specific examples of women leaders who overcame biases and cultural constraints that can be used by consultants to benefit their clients.
  3. Identify three specific ways to help men and women leaders foster work environments that promote fairness and remove systemic barriers to equal opportunity in the workplace.


Joann Lublin, M.A.

Continuing Education

1.5 CE
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