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A Conversation with Our Gurus..


As the Dalai Lama is known to have said, “A guru possesses inner wisdom and a fundamental clarity of mind.” Division 13 is fortunate to have many gurus among its members. As such, these members have the collective wisdom of many years of experience. During their careers and in the service of their clients, they have encountered a myriad of issues and challenges that have helped them to grow as consulting psychologists. Drawing upon our sampling of Division 13 guru’s, this session will focus on a broad range of external consulting issues. In particular, topics such as work/life balance, gender, diversity and inclusion, ethics, and various challenges when seeking to serve one’s clients will be addressed. The gurus highlighted in this session are just a small sampling of the collective wisdom that our Division 13 members bring to the table.  Our panel members were selected as gurus for this session because they are recognized as both deep “thinkers” who have contributed to our field in numerous ways, as well as genuine “doers” who, as business people, have owned successful consulting practices. During this moderated panel session, the panel will be asked question in several ways. First, they will be asked series of carefully designed questions to ensure a fascinating, cohesive discussion designed to reveal  illuminating insights into the field of consulting psychology, including some candid examples of the good as well as poor decisions our gurus recognize they have made over the years.  Second, we will ask questions supplied by you, the audience, to ensure we are addressing those burning questions you have always wanted to ask and that we are meeting your needs. This will include questions that are supplied in advance of the session, followed by questions generated by our audience during the session. These may be questions you had not thought of until our gurus insights spark new questions you did not even realize you had. Thus, there will be opportunity for audience participation both in advance of the session as well as during the session

Learning Objectives:

  1. Describe one way a consultant’s work/life balance may impact his or her effectiveness in serving clients.
  2. Identify two diversity and inclusion issues experienced by seasoned consultants in the field of consulting psychology.
  3. List at least two ethical issues encountered by experienced consulting psychologists over the years that have impacted the way the work with their clients.


 Filippo, Ph.D. (Moderator); Gregory Pennington, Ph.D.; Paul Winum, Ph.D.; William “Bill” Berman, Ph.D. 

Continuing Education

1.0 CE
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