Advancing Into Mobility - Bundle C


"Mobility" is the future of fleet. Will you be left behind?

Mobility concepts are so important to fleet that NAFA dedicated an entire day to it at the 2019 Institute + Expo. Why? Because it saves fleets time and money and increases their performance.

“Mobility Day” at NAFA’s 2019 Institute + Expo provided a day-long glimpse into the mobility revolution and its enormous impact on fleet.  We captured four of the best of these mobility sessions to help you be an agent of change in fleet:

  • Can Level 4 Autonomous Vehicles Work for your Organization Today?
  • Mobility-as-a-Service: The Business Opportunity You Cannot Ignore
  • Drones, Trucks, and Pods: Moving “Stuff” Autonomously
  • Who’s In? Connecting Cars and Players in Mobility

Start planning your own mobility revolution, and don’t be left behind! These sessions are eligible for recertification points.

Bundled Products

Can Level 4 Autonomous Vehicles Work for your Organization Today?

Do you think self-driving vehicles are far off?  Many vehicles on the broader autonomous spectrum are seen regularly on our roads and even level 4 autonomous vehicles can be used TODAY in specific locations. Hear from innovators taking the lead in implementing this technology and using fully autonomous vehicles in specific applications.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the autonomous vehicle levels, including NHTSA and SAE definitions
  • Learn how autonomous vehicles are being piloted today, and identify specific use-cases for your environment
  • Determine how to manage autonomous vehicles within your own fleet


Tim Schock
  • Senior Director of Business Development

Tim Schock is known as an innovative thought leader in the transportation industry. He has been involved with groundbreaking transportation projects such as the first fully reversible, open road tolling (ORT) lanes in the world in Tampa and the first nationally interoperable tolling system in Greenville, South Carolina for which he accepted the ITS America Innovation Award.

Tim manages business development in eastern North America for NAVYA, a global leader in the development of autonomous shuttles and cabs dedicated to sustainably transforming the way we live and work by reinventing urban mobility.

Chris Keefe
  • VP of Autonomous Programs
  • Aurrigo

Chris Keefe  Aurrigo Driverless Technology - Chris has over 20 years experience media and marketing in automotive world.  Most recently for one of the largest automotive groups in the U.K.   He is currently the VP of Autonomous Programs for North America.

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Mobility-as-a-Service: The Business Opportunity You Cannot Ignore

Can Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) completely replace car ownership? It can be both an alternative to fleets, and a business opportunity for fleet and mobility managers. Forward-looking fleet organizations recognize that carsharing and ride-hailing can replace vehicle ownership and mobility allowances can replace cars. But how many fleet organizations see the business opportunity of sharing their assets?

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand various models of MaaS
  • Learn how carsharing, ride hailing, ridesharing and car hailing can fit with a fleet manager’s objectives
  • Identify business opportunities for MaaS


Samuel Baker
  • COO
  • Wunder Mobility

Sam Baker is the co-founder and COO of Wunder Mobility a leading, global provider of fleet sharing software and connectivity solutions for cars, scooters and bikes. Founded in 2014, Wunder's platform now manages over 1M trips per month, in 50 cities on 4 continents. Wunder's partners including global automotive brands, fleet management companies and cities.

Andy Boenau
  • Director of Mobility Strategy
  • Gotcha

Andy Boenau has been working as a multimodal transportation planner for over 20 years. He’s the author of Emerging Trends in Transportation Planning (2016) and A Pocket Guide to Bike Share (2019), and has produced three award-winning short films, an award-winning podcast, and several digital courses.

David Winterstein
  • CEO
  • Velocia

David Winterstein is the Co-founder & CEO of Velocia. Velocia is a rewards platform focused on changing the way people move in our cities. Prior to Velocia, David was the GM of carpooling start-up BlancRide and a Strategic Growth advisor to the taxi-hailing company Nekso.

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Drones, Trucks, and Pods: Moving "Stuff" Autonomously

Early uses of fully autonomous vehicles may involve moving “stuff” rather than people. Autonomous logistics could see short- and long-term success as we evolve from autonomous trucks moving goods within a warehouse to a larger campus to long distances. Add in drones for parcel delivery and you could have a synchronized, autonomous distribution chain for your goods.

Learning Objectives:

  • Know the “state of play” of autonomous logistics
  • Consider the benefits of autonomous technology in long-range freight forwarding
  • Learn about examples of last-mile logistics with autonomous shuttles (and drones)


Emmanuele Spera
  • CEO
  • NEXT Future Transportation Inc.

Dr. Emmanuele Spera is an entrepreneur a manager and a scientist with extensive experience in healthcare, IT, and transportation. Founded profitable businesses and a modular autonomous mass transportation startup, which has been featured on Forbes, Wired, Mashable, Fast Company, Tech Insider, Interesting Engineering, Focus and has been globally ranked #6 on Crunchbase . He's included in the hall of fame of the 2018 Automotive Global Awards - North America.

Jamare Bates
  • Director UAS Operations
  • Black & Veatch

Jamare Bates, Black & Veatch, Director of Unmanned Aircraft Systems Operations, Growth Accelerator Team Lead, is a member of the Black & Veatch Corporate Growth Accelerator.  As the Director of UAS Operations, he creates the program goals, and establishes the company directives for the growth of UAS Operations.  As part of the Growth Accelerator, he oversees the development of technology initiatives related to machine learning, and artificial intelligence for infrastructure inspections.  During Jamare’s tenure at Black & Veatch, the company has performed industry leading UAS testing, and developed technology that has reduced costs across all business lines.  Jamare Bates is a Professional Engineer and has been in the engineering and construction industry for 17 years.

Svilen Rangelov
  • Co-Founder & CEO

Svilen co-founded DRONAMICS in 2014 with his brother Konstantin, an aerospace engineer, with a mission to leverage advances in autonomy, aerodynamics and production, in order to democratize air freight and accelerate e-commerce in emerging markets. Svilen and Konstantin are leading a small but growing team of world-class aerospace engineers and logistics experts in developing the world-leading cargo UAV ""The Black Swan"" - a fixed-wing aircraft that can transport 350 kg at a distance of 2,500 km cheaper than any aircraft in existence.  Their pioneering work has won them numerous international awards and DRONAMICS is IATA's only strategic partner for drones worldwide.

Prior to DRONAMICS, Svilen managed projects in marketing and business development on four continents. He is an Economics graduate of Davidson College, USA.

Rob Roy
  • President
  • Royal Truck & Equipment Inc.

For over 35 years Rob Roy, has been upfitting commercial trucks for a variety of vocational uses.  Over the years Rob and his wife Pam have traveled the country visiting customers, spending time on job sites and interacting with legislators, regulators and DOT personnel.  This experience has allowed Rob to gain a unique and rare understanding of vocational best practices, particularly as they relate to traffic safety.  As a result Rob has incorporated those best practices into superior designs for his fleet, and specifically for Truck Mounted Attenuator (TMA) trucks which have become the primary business of Royal. Currently, Royal is the largest manufacturer of TMA Trucks in the Nation, and has recently launched the world’s only Autonomous TMA Truck to help improve safety for workers in construction zones.

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Who's In? Connecting Cars and Players in Mobility

The Mobility Ecosystem involves a full gambit of partners needed to optimize vehicle connectivity, autonomy and sharing. This includes clusters of companies across the value chain of the ecosystem such as car cleaning services, fleet management companies, telematics companies and others. Who do you need to partner with to make your future mobility strategy succeed?

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the benefits of (corporate) carsharing and on-demand mobility for your fleet
  • Learn how to prepare for an autonomous future tomorrow, with connectivity today
  • Know who to partner with within this new Mobility Ecosystem.


Mark Thomas
  • VP Marketing/Alliances
  • Ridecell

Mark Thomas is the VP of Marketing and Alliances at Ridecell and is responsible for marketing Ridecell, the world’s leading platform to launch, operate and scale new car and ride sharing mobility services. Prior to joining Ridecell, Thomas headed the connected car marketing team at Cisco Jasper, where he developed the product and go-to-market strategies for automotive OEMs. Prior to Cisco, Mark led product marketing at HERE, a leading automotive maps company. In addition, Mark served in marketing, strategy, and business development roles at Apple and Nokia. Mark holds a B.A. from University of California, Berkeley, and an M.B.A. from the University of Pennsylvania Wharton School of Business.

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