7th Annual Life Settlement Institutional Investor Conference


LISA’s Institutional Investor Conference is the hallmark event that links pension funds, hedge funds, family offices, foundations and endowments to the latest developments in the life insurance secondary market, known as life settlements. This 7th Annual Event was the largest and most well received conference since the event’s inception. You cannot go back and take advantage of the incredible networking opportunities that attendees experienced in January 2017 in New York, however you can still take in the incredible content and expert presentations. Attendees of the event are still raving about these top notch sessions and the information that they were able to take back to their individual business.

Sessions include a market review, real life investor experiences in the life settlement market, economic outlooks, legislative and regulatory updates, information on capital availability and policy flow, vital life expectancy and actuarial information, tertiary market information, an in depth analysis of investment performance and other timely investor related industry trends.

LISA’s Annual Life Settlement Institutional Investor Conference is the one stop shop for institutions seeking information about life settlements as an asset class. Whether your organization is already investing in the life settlement space or you are only considering the option, this is the event to receive top level education and insights from the industry's trade association. This is LISA's premier event for institutional investors connecting to the life settlement industry.

Just because you missed the in person event, does not mean you lost the opportunity to take part in the sessions. Purchase the On Demand Sessions and receive the following sessions from the January 22nd event:

Market Update and Review – Conning Research
Scott Hawkins, Vice President – Conning & Company

Conning annually publishes a market review describing the current status, issues facing investors as well as market participants and a forecast of their expectations about market growth. In addition to discussing the market review, this session will discuss events, like COI increases, that are impacting the life insurance industry and their likely effect on the life settlement market.

Opportunities and Pitfalls in Portfolio Construction

Jon Nelson, Chief Executive Officer – Preston Ventures

In the early years of life settlement investments, portfolio construction tended to be a relatively simplistic exercise based on the acquisition of individual secondary polices to fit a general set of guidelines. Today, the largest asset managers are buying pre-existing blocks of substantial size and must take a more refined approach, proactively seeking to reduce risk in portfolios by utilizing sophisticated modeling, ensuring diversification on multiple levels and considering the qualitative features of individual policies. Additionally, acquired portfolios are more actively managed than in the past, and overexposure to a particular risk and current market conditions influence portfolio management decisions. We will discuss management considerations in portfolio construction and how to target the right mix of policies to achieve investment objectives while avoiding the common mistakes people have made in the past.

Legislative and Regulatory Issues Impacting Institutional Investors

Brady Cobb, Partner – Cobb Eddy PLLC

Michael Kreiter, Director of Regulatory and Legislative Affairs – Life Insurance Settlement Association

Recent legislative and regulatory developments at the state and federal levels should pique the interest of investors in the secondary and tertiary markets. Key issues include a recently proposed regulation in New York that would regulate insurance carriers’ ability to increase rates, the Department of Labor’s “Fiduciary Rule”, and a legislative/regulatory forecast for 2017. Join us for a brief update on these and other important issues.

Capital Availability and Policy Flow – Is There a Mismatch?

Moderator: Cyndi Poveda, Chairman – Life Insurance Settlement Association

Bill Corry, Owner – Corry Capital Advisors

Michael Freedman, President – GWG Holdings, Inc.

Wm. Scott Page, President & CEO – The Lifeline Program

Dan Young, President – Vida Capital Inc.

This panel discussion will address one of the most important issues for institutional investors – secondary market policy flow. The potential size of the market is more than $150B and policy lapses by seniors over age 65 exceeds $57B annually. These panelists are at the center of policy flow and will discuss their experiences of traditional and innovative ways to increase the number of policies available for a growing life settlement market. The discussion will invite all market participants to join an effort to increase awareness among consumers about the opportunities that a life settlement option can offer for policies they no longer want or can afford.

Life Settlement Tertiary Market Dynamics

Rocky Roland

The tertiary market has been very dynamic over the past six years. Based on data from seven large providers, the amount of policies estimated to have been originated and settled is between $275-$300 Billion face value. The tertiary market has attracted a vast majority of the capital since 2009 and it is estimated that more than $100 Billion face value is still in-force today. This session will discuss the dynamics behind the tertiary market as well as a historic perspective of yields in the life settlement market.

Measuring Investment Performance – The Quest for Consistency

Lauren Cohen, Professor – Harvard Business School

Measuring the performance of the universe of investments held by institutional investors has progressed to a point of achieving a set of standards referred to as Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS) for each asset class which provides for a consistent and transparent methodology for reporting performance. Life settlements have unique characteristics, as do all asset classes. This session will discuss and explore the challenges of measuring and reporting performance of life settlement investments.

*Presentations include a video recording of the original presentation on January 22nd, 2017 at the Ritz Carlton Battery Park in New York City. Copies of power point presentations are included for sessions where LISA has permission by the presenter to share these documents.

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