23rd Annual Fall Life Settlement and Compliance Conference


Presentations were originally presented at the 23rd Annual Fall Life Settlement and Compliance Conference in Clearwater Beach, FL on October 16th and 17th, 2017.

Monday, October 16th

Keynote Presentation: Charting the Course

Keynote speaker, Senator E. Benjamin Nelson will use his vast knowledge and experience in the insurance and regulatory sectors to speak to attendees about what they may expect in coming years for the life settlement market. How will the current climate and historical matters shape the industry of tomorrow? This is a session that is not to be missed!


Senator E. Benjamin Nelson

Tax & Securities Update: Issues for Non-US Investors & Life Settlements as Securities

A Tax & Securities Talk tailored for investor issues. This session will focus on two distinct topics. First, it will cover when the origination, holding and disposition of life settlements by a fund can result in non-US investors in the fund being considered to be engaged in the conduct of a US trade or business. Second, it will cover efforts that have arisen from time to time to contend that life settlement policies are “securities” for purposes of the federal securities laws and will provide the speaker’s reasoning as to why non-variable, non-fractionalized life settlement policies should not be treated as securities.


Lawrence R. Hamilton, Mayer Brown LLP

Mark H. Leeds, Mayer Brown LLP

State Insurance Regulator Panel

This panel of senior regulators will address life settlement issues including consumer disclosure, cost of insurance and various efforts at the NAIC.


Jay Florence, Deputy Insurance Commissioner - Georgia

Bob Williams, Director, Life & Health Actuarial Division – Mississippi Insurance Department

Wayne Goodwin, former NC Insurance Commissioner - Nelson Taplin Goldwater

Why LISA is Important to the Future Success of Your Business

Darwin Bayston, Dan Young, Jim Maxson and Wesley Costa will make a presentation emphasizing the benefits of LISA membership, as well as introducing new initiatives that will make LISA membership even more valuable. If you are a current LISA member you need to attend this session in order to learn more about the benefits membership in LISA offers; or, if you are not yet a member, you need to attend to see why being a LISA member will assist your business in being more successful in the life settlements industry.


Darwin Bayston, Life Insurance Settlement Association

James W. Maxson, Maxson Law Firm, LLP

Dan Young, Vida Capital, Inc.

Wesley Costa, Life Insurance Settlement Association

Tuesday, October 17th

Connecting with the Financial Advisor Industry to Expand the Market for Life Settlement Submissions

Financial Advisors are used by nearly 50% of seniors in planning and managing their financial and retirement programs. Life insurance is an important part of their investment portfolios. Connecting with Advisors to offer a market for policies that no longer fit the needs of client portfolios can greatly expand the life settlement market.


Colby Winslow, Senior Wealth Planner

Navigating Cyber Security: Preparing and Protecting Your Small Business

These experts will detail the latest information and trends in today's technology sector to keep your business and your clients safe from cyber threats. Our presenters bring unique perspectives from both the legal and technology sides of these issues and will focus on risks and solutions related to small to mid-sized life settlement firms. Attendees will leave with actionable items that can be implemented in their business now for a safer tomorrow. Risk management plans, risk mitigation, current legislation and security trends will all be covered.


Brian E. Finch, Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP

Steven Schwartz, Global Cyber Consultants

After the Sale: What does it take to maintain a policy?

This panel will discuss the issues presented to portfolio owners and managers regarding their individual policies and portfolios as a whole. Topics will include dealing with difficult carriers, uncooperative insureds, premium options such as no lapse guarantees, COI increases and complicated death claims.


John Dallas, Berkshire Settlements, Inc.

Tim Demars, Lewis & Ellis Actuaries & Consultants

Clay Gibson, Vida Capital, Inc.

Sheri Townsend, Asset Servicing Group, LLC

Consumer Awareness: How LISA and its Members Can Partner for Success

For the past few years, LISA has developed and implemented a series of initiatives designed to increase consumer awareness of the life settlement option. This session will review the results of those efforts, explore the benefits of external marketing conducted by a professional association, assess the long tail of consumer awareness programs, and offer some practical tips for how industry participants can improve the effectiveness of their own public relations and senior marketing campaigns.


Wesley Costa, Life Insurance Settlement Association

Daryn N. Teague, Teague Communications

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