23rd Annual Spring Life Settlement Conference


Monday, May 15, 2017

Opening General Session

Greetings from the Capitol of the great state of Texas! The Opening General Session will begin the Spring Conference education and will include valuable insights from association leaders.

Speakers: Darwin Bayston, Cyndi Poveda

Cyber Security - Are you Prepared for the Bigger Better Future?

Where are the InsureTech and Cybersecurity Protection Movements taking the Life Settlement Industry? What is InsureTech and FinTech and how can the life settlement industry embrace these tech trends into what might become LifeseTech?Learn how your company must comply with significant new cybersecurity obligations for most life settlement industry constituents under the new NYDFS Cybersecurity Regulation and NAIC’s Cybersecurity Model Law coming down the pike.

Speakers:Brian Casey, Jule Rousseau, Thomas D. Sherman

The Digital Age: Cyber Insurance

In this timely session, our presenter will discuss risk transfer strategies and insurance considerations for companies in the life settlements space. Topics will include: (1) data security and privacy liability insurance; (2) construction and review of insurance requirements for brokers, providers and servicers; (3) pitfalls of extending coverage to agents and brokers, and (4) coverage/pricing trends in the E&O/D&O marketplace.

Speakers: David Souders

Regulator Panel

This panel of senior regulators will address life settlement issues including consumer disclosure, cost of insurance and various efforts at the NAIC.

Speakers: Korey Harvey, Jeff Hunt, James Mills
Moderator: Danny Saenz

An Empirical Comparison of Medical Underwriters in the Life Settlements Market

In the wake of IFRS 13 and AIFMD, assets are required to be held at fair value. This session will discuss how the value of a life settlement investment is highly dependent on the life expectancy of the insured and demonstrate that life expectancies have been the key driver in life settlement pricing. The presenter will further illustrate an LE’s relationship to the expected internal rate of return (IRR) and, based on the analysis of life settlement transaction data from 2011 to 2016, will trace the patterns of LE estimates in both secondary and tertiary markets by major medical underwriters, and provide results after investigating systematic differences in their estimation.

Speakers: Jiahua (Java) Xu

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Innovations in Life Expectancies Panel

This session will cover the new and innovative strategies to estimate life expectancies including tool that will help propose life settlements as a viable option to interested investors. The primary focus will be changes which allows the market to expand to evaluating lower face policies.

Speakers: Lori Austin, Brian Lanzrath

A Nuts and Bolts discussion about combining LEs from different vendors and/or updating (aging) LEs

For many secondary transactions, investors require two independent LEs. Even though they may be contemporaneous, it may be advantageous to average their results. Add to that the wrinkle if they are not contemporaneous, which often occurs in tertiary transactions, and the challenge becomes more complex. This teaching session will explore the proper actuarial techniques to employ when combining and/or updating LEs for these purposes.

Speakers: Vince Granieri, Scott E. Morrow

Life Settlement Taxation – Strategies for Addressing Life Settlement Tax Issues

This panel of expert speakers will address common taxation questions surrounding a variety of life settlement transactions, including taxation of transactions where the insured is terminally or chronically ill, possible tax consequences of retained death benefit transactions, the practical accounting impact of these transactions, as well as the use of Irish and Luxembourg structures to minimize the impact of taxation for life settlements funds.

Speakers: Mark H. Leeds, James W. Maxson, William McCarthy

When it's a Loan and Not a Settlement

Just how different is a loan against a life insurance policy compared to a traditional life settlement? Take a deep dive into this financial option and see how it can be utilized as a compliment to the life settlement industry, not a competitor. This presentation will cover marketing strategies, regulations, risks and other technical issues like how to collateralize the loan. Panelists will also address fees, potential risks and review a variety of scenarios from the consumer's perspective.

Speakers: Adam Balinsky

Continuing Education

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