01-508DL Public Health Strategic Workforce Action Agenda


National public health agencies and consortia have called upon public health practitioners to build leadership and strategic capacity to address the emerging trends that impact workforce; such as political, economic, social, technological and health-related trends. In response, the Public Health Learning Network’s (PHLN) Strategic Workforce Action Agenda has been released.

The Action Agenda asks essential questions: (1) What are the major public health systems challenges and issues? (2) How are current workforce development approaches responding to these challenges? (3) What needs to change, and (4) How can workforce development approaches improve? To build this capacity nationwide as a way to address current and future public health challenges, a coordinated system of effective, efficient, and quality learning opportunities is needed.

This webinar will share the development, results, implications, and recommendations for developing a more robust and coordinated approach to workforce development that addresses the diversity and complexity of challenges faced by public health practitioners.


Speaker information:

Jennifer McKeever, MSW, MPH

As Director of Public Health Practice and Training, Jennifer McKeever supports staff, consultants, and partners in the implementation of initiatives that improve the nation’s public health performance. Jennifer is currently leading the creation and launch of the Public Health Learning Network (PHLN) –the nation's most comprehensive system of public health educators, health experts, thought leaders, and practitioners working together to advance public health training and practice. The PHLN comprises 10 regional public health training centers, 40 local education sites, and a National Coordinating Center for Public Health Training, that strengthen the workforce in the state, local, and tribal health departments, as well as community health centers and primary care settings.


Christina R. Welter, DrPH, MPH

R. Welter, DrPH, MPH is a Clinical Assistant Professor in the Community Health Sciences Division at the University of Illinois at Chicago, School of Public Health. She also serves as the Associate Director of the Doctorate in Public Health Leadership and the Director of the MidAmerica Center for Public Health Practice. Dr. Welter leads several national leadership and practice-based research initiatives, such as serving on the National Maternal and Child Health Workforce Center’s Adaptive Leadership Core and as Co-Investigator of Healthy Communities through Healthy Work Initiative at the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health funded UIC SPH Center for Healthy Work. Dr. Welter was recently awarded the Illinois Public Health Association’s 2018 Public Health Excellence Award and was the 2018 runner-up for the Health Administration Research-to-Practice Award.


Betty Bekemeier, PhD, MSN, MPH

Betty is a nationally recognized public health systems and practice-based researcher with a particular focus on the structures and practices of state and local health departments in relation to health outcomes and reducing disparities. Much of her research and leadership in advancing public health systems have been conducted through state Public Health Practice-based Research Networks (PBRN), working directly with public health leaders to provide the evidence needed to most effectively and equitably promote health in communities. She is PI of the Public Health Activities & Services Tracking (PHAST) Study, an ongoing multi-state study to generate data and evidence for examining the health outcomes associated with public health services and systems. Several of her studies and publications have focused specifically on the nature of and changes to the local public health workforce and often with a focus on public health nurses.

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