01-508DL Public Health Strategic Workforce Action Agenda


National public health agencies and consortia have called upon public health practitioners to build leadership and strategic capacity to address the emerging trends that impact workforce; such as political, economic, social, technological and health-related trends. In response, the Public Health Learning Network’s (PHLN) Strategic Workforce Action Agenda has been released.
The Action Agenda asks essential questions: (1) What are the major public health systems challenges and issues? (2) How are current workforce development approaches responding to these challenges? (3) What needs to change, and (4) How can workforce development approaches improve? To build this capacity nationwide as a way to address current and future public health challenges, a coordinated system of effective, efficient, and quality learning opportunities is needed.
This webinar will share the development, results, implications, and recommendations for developing a more robust and coordinated approach to workforce development that addresses the diversity and complexity of challenges faced by public health practitioners. Please feel free to review the Report prior to the webinar.

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