01-470DL Using Health Behavior Theory to Design and Evaluate a Curriculum Intervention to Protect Young Workers


This webinar provides an overview of the NIOSH Talking Safety program; demonstrates the alignment of the curriculum with the NHES; discusses the use of health behavior theory to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of the program, and presents preliminary results from NIOSH research to prepare adolescents for a lifetime of safe and healthy work.

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Ms. Guerin is a research social scientist with the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). Ms. Guerin is the program coordinator for the NIOSH Safe-Skilled-Ready Workforce (SSRW) program. In this capacity, she is responsible for implementing and evaluating a program of research to integrate workplace safety and health skills into curricula, training, and other work readiness programs for young workers and new hires. She has been involved for a decade in young worker outreach/research efforts at NIOSH. Prior to coming to NIOSH, Ms. Guerin was an analyst with the New York Federal Reserve Bank. Ms. Guerin is a doctoral candidate in Health Promotion and Education at the University of Cincinnati (anticipated graduation: December 2017). She received an MA from the University of Cincinnati, an MA from Columbia University, New York, and a BA from Columbia University.

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