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HPP 179 September: ¡Miranos! (Look at us! We Are Healthy!): Home-Based and Parent Peer–Led Childhood Obesity Prevention



Parent interventions for childhood obesity prevention have traditionally experienced low participation rates or used passive methods such as newsletters. In con- trast, the ¡Miranos! intervention home-based activities included parent-led face-to-face meetings delivered after school, take-home bags with educational materi- als, and scavenger hunt games to deliver health infor- mation to Head Start families regarding nutrition, physical activity, and healthy growth promotion for their preschooler. This study employed a quasi-experi- mental design with three intervention centers (two that received only center-based activities and one that received center- and home-based activities) and one comparison center. Data were collected on participat- ing Head Start children and their parents/guardians and included parent attendance, parent health mes- sage recall through intercept interviews, parent knowl- edge through pre- and posttests, and family supportive behaviors and child health behaviors through a parent questionnaire. Parents/guardians that received both center- and home-based activities significantly increased knowledge scores (t = 2.50, degrees of free- dom = 123, p < .05) and family supportive behaviors from baseline to follow-up (t = 2.12, degrees of freedom = 122, p < .05). This study demonstrates the effects home-based interventions can have when coupled with center-based activities and implemented in the center at the end of the school day. 

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