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A Dance Movement Therapist in Every School: Implications for Institutionalizing DMT Programs


This webinar explores the role of dance, dance therapy and the expressive arts in the psychoeducational development of students in grades K-12. A model for dance/movement therapy in the elementary school will be shared as well as highlighting three secondary school programs: Creative Dance, Creating a Peaceable School and Mentors in Violence Prevention. The primary program addresses special populations utilizing both individual and group therapy models. The secondary programs address adolescent challenges such as self-esteem, empowerment, bullying prevention, promoting gender respect and building community. Examples from these programs will be explored to illustrate how dance, dance therapy and the arts can be used to support secondary school students’ social, emotional and relational growth as they experience an embodied learning and knowing leading to a more mindful and integrated understanding of themselves and others. The theoretical models that serve as the foundation for this work will be discussed along with the results of the school-based research studies. How to bring the educators and community together in establishing and institutionalizing this model will also be shared.

Learning Objectives

  1. Understanding the skills that DMTs contribute to the social, emotional and relational development of students K-12
  2. Explore the interface between the Neuroscience of Mindfulness, Dance/Movement Therapy and Education
  3. Discuss the process of institutionalizing health and wellness programs that utilize dance, dance/movement therapy and the arts


Nancy Beardall

Nancy Beardall, PhD, BC-DMT, LMHC, CMA is Associate Professor in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Expressive Therapies Division at Lesley University, Cambridge, MA. As a dance/movement therapist, consultant, Certified Movement Analyst, and educator, Dr. Beardall’s work has focused on the cognitive, social/emotional and relational development using dance, dance/movement therapy and the expressive arts in the public schools. Dr. Beardall has developed numerous curricula for middle and high school students focusing on the prevention of bullying, sexual harassment and teen dating abuse, promoting gender respect, decision-making skills, healthy relationships and making a difference in the school community. Her community building programs through the arts have involved students, parents and community members.

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