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Body Image, Eating Disorders, and Women in Midlife: How are we Doing? A Dance/Movement Therapy Perspective


In this webinar, we will define terms and review epidemiology of eating disorders for women in midlife.  We will explore the challenges of body image in aging women confronted by messages that are unavoidable, looking back on the literature to discuss how we are currently faring.  As aging dancers, we have many existential challenges to face which can add poignancy to our work.  We will explore the responsibility of DMT's to remain conscious of our personal attitudes and assess how we represent and reflect body/mind health in our work with our clients, patients, and students, and also with our colleagues across professions. Original webcast date: August 6, 2014.

Learning Objectives

  1. Participants will be able to name diagnostic categories of eating disorders
  2. Participants will be more fluent in epidemiology of eating disorders in women in midlife
  3. Participants will accrue skills in working with women and body image
  4. Participants will attain skills in assessing their current relationship with body image


Dr. Marybeth Weinstock

Dr. Marybeth Weinstock received her BA in Dance and Psychology from Goucher College in 1975.  She had DMT internships with Arlynne Stark at Shepperd Pratt Hospital throughout her undergraduate years.  After college, she moved to NYC to study with Alwin Nikolais, Murray Louis, and Hanya Holm and then graduated with her Masters in DMT at Hunter College in 1985.  She received her doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the California Institute of Integral Studies in 2010.  Dr. Weinstock’s dissertation was entitled Women Dancers in Midlife:  Coping With the Transition.  This project has led to a series of workshops for women in midlife.  Dr. Weinstock has specialized in Eating Disorders for the past 14 years.  She has worked in hospitals, schools, outpatient, and residential treatment programs. She presently works at Castlewood/Monarch Cove Residential Treatment Facility in Pacific Grove, CA.  She also has a private practice and supervises interns and professionals.  Her work is influenced by her mentor Anna Halprin who certified her to teach Movement Ritual.  She has been very active on the Board of the CA Chapter of the ADTA, sits on the Research C.

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