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Grant Writing for Everyone: What You Need to Get Started


Have you heard people talk about grants and grant writing and think "I wonder what it takes to learn to write grants?" I know that my eyes would glaze over when colleagues would talk about the long and arduous task of grant writing.  I categorized it up there with advanced math and quantitative research in my mind.  Important tasks for the field that I hope someone else will do, not my strong suit.  Well, then I got a job where we needed funds to expand our program beyond what the state could offer.  I had to learn on the go, trial under fire.  Some of us learn best that way, however, let me break it all down for you.  The government speak, the acronyms associated with grants, the general grant writing process and some fun tips I have picked up about managing grants and maintaining funding. Take an hour to familiarize yourself with these basics and then you won't have to wonder about how to write a grant, you will have a handy guide to help you get started.  Original webcast date: August 27, 2014.

Learning Objectives

  1. Participants will be able to identify at least one grant writing tip

  2. Participants will be able to identify what SAMHSA is and how to find new grants that they fund

  3. Participants will be able to list the process for applying for a grant, including what an RFA, RFI and RFP stand for.


Jenna D. Heise

Jenna D. Heise, MA, BC-DMT, NCC is a dance/movement therapist who currently serves as the State Coordinator for Suicide Prevention with the Texas Department of State Health Services.  She has served as the Project Director for a State of Texas SAMHSA grant in youth suicide prevention and has authored and managed several successful grants.  Jenna has also served extensively both nationally and regionally for the American Dance Therapy Association and has a wealth of experience in clinical interventions, grant writing and program management.

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