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Embodied Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Utilizing CBT & Trauma Focused-CBT as a Dance Movement Therapist


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has been the preferred treatment of choice for many hospitals and counseling centers since the 1970’s. CBT tends to be short-term, action-orientated, provides useful skills, and is easy to track and monitor. According to countless studies, CBT is considered the most effect form of treatment for anxiety and stress related disorders and has been shown to have an efficacy rate of up to 80%. Since many Dance/Movement Therapists may find themselves at one point or other working in settings where CBT and TF-CBT are utilized, if not preferred, it is important to develop effective and harmonious ways to bridge these modalities. While CBT many indeed provide relief to certain maladaptive behaviors and thought patterns it doesn’t necessarily address the potential sources of those symptoms. and can leave clients feeling empty handed when dealing with deeper-rooted psychological themes. Creating an embodied practice in conjunction with CBT can provide the Dance/Movement Therapist with the theoretical flexibility to address both the short-term and long-term goals of their clients more effectively.

Learning Objectives:

  1. A brief and easy to digest overview of CBT and TF-CBT, 
  2. A way to view CBT and DMT as collaborative forms of treatment, and 
  3. Two to three CBT interventions that can be incorporated into a Dance/Movement Therapy session.


Nova Carmichael

Nova Carmichael is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Registered Dance/Movement Therapist providing mental health services for children and adults in the Greater Boston area. Her experience includes outpatient, community-based, school-based, In Home, and residential settings. As a graduate of Naropa University’s Somatic Counseling Psychology Program, Nova’s theoretical orientation is strongly rooted in body-based theories and contemplative practice. She is passionate about combining diverse treatment approaches and interventions in order to provide personalized and effective care for her clients.  

Continuing Education

1.0 NBCC CE, 1.0 ADTA CE, 1.0 NY LCAT CE
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