Are you Fit to Practice Law: Understanding the Character & Fitness Process


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If you are thinking about law school or currently a law student, this program is for you. As part of the process of obtaining a law license, all bar applicants must be evaluated by what is called the Character & Fitness Committee. You will not be allowed to practice law unless this Committee recommends your admission. Sign up now for this program to learn more about the Character & Fitness process and the kinds of things in your record that might impact your chances for admission. Please note this is a non-CLE course. This program is intended to be educational only and is not legal advice. No attorney-client relationship is formed by your review of this program. If you need advice and counsel based on your unique circumstances please go to or call (312) 396-4060 to schedule a paid consultation.


Allison L. Wood

Allison L. Wood is Principal of Legal Ethics Consulting, P.C. in Chicago, Illinois.  She has 17+ years of experience interpreting and working with the Professional Rules of Conduct that govern attorneys. She has managed attorney misconduct cases as a Hearing Board Chair with the disciplinary agency in Illinois. She later joined the disciplinary agency as Litigation Counsel where she investigated and prosecuted attorney misconduct cases. Since 2011, she has been defending attorneys who face disciplinary investigations and/or claims; providing legal ethics expert services in legal malpractice cases; and representing bar applicants who face Character & Fitness challenges. You can reach her at; join her on LinkedIn; and follow her on Twitter @ Her website can be found at where you can sign-up to receive her ethics newsletter.

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