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Nursing Malpractice Claims: Impacts and Opportunities


This is a virtual event, accessible online. Access instructions will be provided after registration.


Nurses are directly involved in most aspects of care in every health care setting, so understanding the top contributing factors to nursing-related claims is a great opportunity to minimize risk. In our analysis of Constellation professional liability claims asserted from 2010 to 2017, nurses were the most frequently cited primary clinician responsible for care at the time of the alleged injury. In this webinar, we’ll discuss our nursing claim data and offer practical solutions to help prevent injuries and claims in the clinic, hospital and senior living setting.


This webinar will provide you with the knowledge to:

  1. Understand the top allegations made against nurses in Constellation claims.
  2. Identify the most common contributing factors in nursing claims.
  3. Implement strategies to prevent nursing-related injuries, enhance teamwork and communication, and improve your business performance.


Kristi Eldredge, RN, JD, CPHRM
  • Senior Risk and Patient Safety Consultant

Kristi is a trusted advisor to policyholders in matters of patient safety and risk management. She values being the person who "has their back" when questions arise. With a background as both a registered nurse and a medical malpractice attorney, Kristi is well suited to provide comprehensive risk management services to physicians, clinics, long-term care and hospital clients, delivering customized strategies to prevent and minimize injuries, and reduce claims and losses.