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The Fundamentals of Joint Ventures in Construction!



Presented by Richard E. Burnham, Esq.

If you understand the risks of Joint Venturing and are prepared to meet them, the use of Joint Ventures may be a relatively low-cost, low-risk way to expand a contractor's experience, geographical market and technical expertise. Owners will also benefit from learning more about Joint Ventures – what to look for and require of Joint Ventures and what having a Joint Venturer performing their work may mean to them. This presentation will help Owners understand that Joint Ventures may result in their work being performed by entities with broader experience and expertise, and greater financial capacity.

Learn why, in an industry that is filled with fiercely competitive and independent-minded risk-takers, we so often see competitors come together to form Joint Ventures to pursue and perform work on construction projects in the USA and around the world. This webinar will explore this paradox, and the participants will learn not only why it is happening, but how it can work for them.

This 90-minute live webinar, which is presented in a simple and straightforward manner by a professional with years of hands-on experience in the negotiation, drafting and administration of Joint Venture Agreements, highlights basic differences and alerts you to the unique risks of Joint Ventures.

The information-packed program will help you:

  • Understand what a Joint Venture is and why are we seeing so many more
  • Learn how a Joint Venture gets formed and what you need to know about Joint Venture agreements
  • Compare how Owners, Contractors and Sureties view Joint Ventures
  • Determine the unique management challenges presented by Joint Ventures
  • Learn how Joint Ventures can benefit your business
  • Recognize the "basics" that you need to know about Joint Ventures
  • Assess some common risks that are inherent in Joint Venturing and learn how they can be managed
  • Be prepared for what could go wrong

The topics covered include a look at Joint Ventures from the perspectives of Owners, Contractors and Sureties and — by doing so, describe how this form of association may, or may not, benefit each of them.

Who Will Benefit?

These presentations are a must for owners, contractors, architects/engineers and their advisors who are (or soon will be) involved with contract selection and negotiations and want to enhance their practical working knowledge of the various delivery methods.

This event features key insights from our knowledgeable construction expert:


Richard E. Burnham brings years of hands-on experience with all types of projects and a spectrum of contract delivery methods from a variety of perspectives. His past experience includes stints as vice president of a major international contractor whose $1 billion-plus annual revenue included major building and heavy construction projects for both public and private clients, a senior manager of a major engineering company, an advisor to public transportation agencies and an expert witness regarding the proper administration and analysis of changes, delays and damages. Mr. Burnham, a former adjunct professor at a highly regarded engineering college, has lectured on litigation avoidance, analysis of construction claims and critical path method scheduling. He holds a B.A. degree in economics from Georgetown University and received his J.D. degree from Villanova University School of Law.

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